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Best Dressed at RNC and DNC

Hands down the two most eloquent women speakers of the conventions (even though DNC is not over) is Ivanka Trump and TFLOUS Michelle Obama.
Ivanka Trump wore a simple stunning pink blush shift dress from her collection. 
Michelle Obama wore a cobalt blue silk crepe flare dress.  It was by the designer Christian Siriano.

Their speeches were a success — and so were their dresses..

Prince Tribute

How can you not love Helen Mirren.  So awesome !
Dame Helen Mirren paid tribute to Prince at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, April 30, in a plum-colored, semi-sheer dress and a matching hand-drawn purple tattoo.  The tattoo she drew herself.

Black and White Summer Classics.

Black and white a summer classic. It’s undeniable that nothing is more sophisticated than the understated accessory classic pairing of black and white.





Congratulations !

Partners in business and in life, Jason Wu married Gustavo Ranger last weekend in Tulum surrounded by their closest friends.

5 Tips for Wallet Cleaning.

Spring cleaning !  Mind, body and spirit.  But the one item that is in dire need of some cleaning is my wallet.  I'm sure I am not alone, so here are some tips to help you purge all the little bits and pieces in your wallet.  Hey maybe it is time for a new one !

#1.  Never, ever carry your social security card in your wallet.  Anyone can open an account with your name and social security number.  Keep your card at home !
#2.  How about all those annoying receipts?  Throw out all those little bits from the coffee shop, supermarket, delis.  Refuse to even take them when handed to you.  Receipts from clothing stores and the like keep until you know that you are not returning your purchase.
#3.  Losers !! Lottery tickets, scrape of paper with phone numbers that you don't even remember whose number it is.  Get rid of it.
#4  Credit cards.  Only take the cards that you use.  Taking fewer cards in your wallet means less vulnerability if you lose your wallet. A good tip is to photocopy all of your cards front and back,  this way you are ready just in case.  Makes for life to be a little simpler.
#5.  Gift cards.  Keep those in your wallet and up front where you can see them.  Millions of dollars go unspent from people not using their cards. 

Well now you have more room for other things in your!

NYC Fashion Forward

NYC Economic Development Corporation has partnered with 22 fashion companies to offer paid internships this summer.
The initiative will provide 100 high school students and college undergrads with paid internships at many fashion companies.  Applications are currently available by the NYC Ladders for Leaders program until Apr. 15, 2016. 
Some of the employers that have signed on:  Alice + Olivia, J. Crew, Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

Women of Fashion

In honor of Women's History Month I would like to highlight fashion icons and the trends they made famous.
These women had successful careers and also influenced the fashion world.

Audrey Hepburn- The little black dress. If you have never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's it's a must-  
 see.  The Givenchy gown, pearl necklace, large sunglasses and of course a cigarette holder makes her a fashion icon.

Diana Ross-Extravagant.  With her embellished gowns and big hair she is the most inspirational fashion icon of our time.  She is the original diva (in the good sense).  Her influence made Motown what it is today.

Elizabeth Taylor- Jewels.  She was glamour.  Her love of glitz and glam were her trademark, as were her jewels.

Grace Kelly-Feminine.  Classic, sophisticated and always impeccable.  On of the most influential fashion icons of her time.  Hermes' named one of their purse designs after the actress, the Kelly Bag.

Jackie Kennedy-Chic & Simple.  Famous for her love of Halston pillbox hats and Chanel suits, she was always stylish and chic.  Of course also her large tortoise sunglasses !

Katharine Hepburn- Menswear  She was a idolized actress for her generation. When she was off screen she favored sportswear. Her aversion to fashion made her all the more alluring.
Every season has new styles but the fashion icons showed keen fashion sense.

More Amazon News

In its hopes to build out its fashion business, will have a nightly live show dedicated to fashion and beauty.

The 30-minute program, dubbed “Style Code Live,” launched Tuesday at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. It will stream live Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays it will have a best of everything. It’s the first time the tech giant is producing a live daily show.

The show will be hosted by Frankie Grande, Rachel Smith and Lyndsey Rodrigues. (Business Wire) 
The show, which streams from a page on Amazon, will be accessible to all, not just Amazon Prime members. The audience can interact via live chat and shop on Amazon’s site.

Amazon Fashion Line

How much more can Amazon sell ?  What is going to happen to the malls ?  Which of course leave us with a million other questions.  Where will the youth of tomorrow hang out, or young mothers and seniors go on a Saturday, etc?  Will we be left with only one store to buy your whole world from?  Hence the demise of the book store.  Seems that way as Amazon has quietly branched out into fashion.  Can a company which started selling mainly electronics and books know anything about fashion? 
Amazon already owns 7 private trademark brands, Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, James & Erin, Lark & Ro, North Eleven, Scout + Ro, and Society New York.  Amazon has been increasingly spending more on fashion lately, scooping up online fashion stores, like ShopBop, MyHabit, and EastDane. Last year, it sponsored the New York Men's Fashion Week for the first time, too. The also hosted the Met Gala at the Costume Institute in 2012.

When you think of buying new clothes, shoes, watches or jewelry do you think of Amazon?  Not yet? Even though it is hard to quibble with free shipping.