Google's Fashions

No more string bikinis, peplums or skinny jeans. We’re all about jogger pants, high-waisted bikinis and jumpsuits.  
The first Fashion Trends Report from Google is now telling us what our fashions will be for 2015.
According to the New York Times, "Lisa Green, who heads Google's fashion and luxury team, said the company had begun working with major retailers, including Calvin Klein, to help them incorporate real-time Google search data into fashion planning and forecasting. 'Fast fashion' companies, for example, can take a trend identified by Google and run with it, Ms. Green said."
Instead of trends dictated by designers, Google’s data tells us what real people are interested in and might like to wear.

Sweat Suits Fashionable?

What fashion trend is now appearing everywhere.  The sweat suit.  They've now become legitimate fashion, and the key to making them work  is accessorizing.  They may start to outsell jeans!  Well we all know that they are comfortable. Maybe to much so.
Instead of wearing sneakers, try a pair of boots, or heels.  
Now look good while you sweat.

Christian Louboutin Beauty

Who sells around a million pairs of shoes with red soles?  Christian Louboutin of course and now he is selling the most expensive nail polish on the market. The bottles feature long easy to hold handles modeled after a pair of his eight inch stilettos and the 31 shades are as glossy as patent leather.  Of course there's a standout red.  "Rouge Louboutin is timeless and works on every skin tone." says Christian Louboutin.  One bottle will set you back $50. But when you compare that to a $1,200 shoe... it almost seems like a bargain.

Fluorescent Hair

Fluorescent hair a do or don't.  Back in the day if you dyed your hair pink it was shocking as Katy Perry,  but today anything goes.


                                                                    Nicole Richie

                                                                    Kelly Osbourne

                                                                    Lily Allen

Most of us are totally game for these shades.  Pick a color, any color, after all it is only hair.

Melissa McCarthy's Fashion Line

When Mellissa McCarthy posed for Elle magazine, everyone was in a uproar because she wore a coat.  The coat by the way was of her choosing.

And we think she looks stunning.
Now it has been reported that there have been 5 fashion designers who would not dress her for the Oscars (she won't mention names).  So she got mad, and who can blame her, and decided to make her own dresses. And then she would make dresses for everyone.
Couturier Daniella Pearl and Melissa are going to work together on a ready-to-wear line that will  make sure McCarthy never has to go without a perfect dress again.
Unlike many celebrities that start their own fashion line (which I think fashion should be left to the fashion designers), she has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.
McCarthy and Pearl’s new line will be called Pearl. It will be a plus-size line that will hopefully provide more fashionable, on-trend, and comfortable options for plus-size customers.
Looking forward to the new line and wishing Melissa well.

Flat Style #2 Birkenstocks

In Germany in 1774 Birkenstocks were designed by Johann Birkenstock, a man who wanted to make a super-supportive, roomy shoe.
But by upgrading the leathers and adding details like shiny hardware and studded embellishments, designers are putting the haute in hippie.



How to wear them:
Keep it simple.  Leggings with a tunic provide a modern backdrop for these earthy sandals.
Go girly instead.  Feel your inner hippie and go floral skirts and flowing dresses.
Short shorts. Shorts that hit mid thigh or longer should be avoided.
Don’t do frumpy.  These sandals need polish on top to give these sandals the look they deserve.
These comfortable sandals will help your feet do the happy dance.

Grace Ciao Floral Designs

Meet Singapore’s fashion illustrator Grace Ciao. 

Super creative and insanely well put together using actual flower petals instead of ink and fabric.  She is inspired by everything around her.
The artist said she started using petals purely by accident, when she noticed a red rose a boy had given her was dying.
“I remembered how beautiful it used to be and wanted to ‘preserve’ this beauty. So I made fashion illustrations out of them,” she said.
Nature, the best teacher and inspiration.


#1 Flat - Slip on Sneaker

Flats are becoming increasingly more fashionable. You no longer need to wear heels to have style.  When it comes to an evening out or a special occasion, most women opt for heels rather than flats because they feel dressy, more feminine and definitely sexy. But, this year it’s all about the flat.
The number one flat this year is the slip-on sneaker.  The shape and sole has remained the same but you will be spoiled with the upgrade of fabrics and patterns galore.

Wear them with boyfriend jeans, especially if they are cropped a little shorter. They look great with slouchy cargo pocket pants and khakis when you roll them up. I love them with shorts, skinnies and straight legs. They also look super cute with a shorter skirt.  For truly chic, opt for one color from tip to toe. This look works best with white, gray or navy.

There’s truly something to be said for comfort.
What do you think of slip-on sneakers? Will you be wearing them?

Isabel Toledo goes to Lane Bryant

Isabel Toledo has a new plus-size collection at Lane Bryant, and some tips we can all use.
Tip #1. Enjoy the classics.  She uses colors like black and tan with lace, which is innocent and sexy at once.
Tip  #2.  Wear a coat over any outfit.  It is slimming and makes you impeccable.  Over a simple dress, or take the same coat and switch it up by wearing it with a tee shirt and jogging pants.

Tip #3.  Stock up on full skirts.  They let you move freely and are so flattering.

Tip #4.  Wear not-too-high-heels.  Of course hells make any outfit look fabulous, but if you walk everywhere stick to heels that are low and thick.

Born Free Fashions

The aim of Born Free is to raise awareness as well as funds toward a surprisingly simple solution to one facet of the AIDS epidemic in Africa — that it requires women take only a pill a day to stop mother-to-child HIV transmission during pregnancy.  “The wonderful thing about Born Free is that it already is a solution,” said von Furstenberg. “Usually, you work toward these incredible breakthroughs. Here, if women take a pill a day, every day, their children will be HIV-free, and that is unbelievable. It’s not just hope — it’s a reality.”
With the support of Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg and 22 other designers that are also mothers, this merchandise is available at “It is something the fashion industry has always been behind, right from the very early days when we got together to support 7th on Sale,” said Wintour. . The list of participating designers are Carolina Herrera, Miuccia Prada, Marni’s Consuelo Castiglioni, Alberta Ferretti, Chloé’s Clare Waight Keller, Céline’s Phoebe Philo, Isabel Marant and Vera Wang. There is nothing more important than a healthy baby. It gives HIV-positive mothers hope for a great future for their children.”
So let’s go shopping to help.