Style Tip-Necklace

A shirt can be a little boring at the collar, but layering a necklace on top of a button down shirt makes that classic look suddenly stylish, chic and sexy.  So go through your closet for your man tailored shirts and try this newest trend.

New in Soho

What's happening in Soho NYC ? Chocolate chip cookie shot glass filled with milk. The man behind cronuts, Dominique Ansel debuted his next big thing today. $3 a shot at his Spring St. bakery. What would you fill your cookie shot glass with?
 Chocolate martini?

Snooki's Fashion Line

When do reality stars turn into designers?  Really?  Let's leave fashion to the designers.

That’s right, the leopard print-clad reality TV star is making headlines again. But this time-it’s for her brand new clothing line.
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recently debuted her fabulous first fashion line, SnookiLove by Nicole Polizzi, at the Magic Market Week clothing convention in Las Vegas last Tuesday.
Polizzi joined forces with clothing manufacturer Double Zero for her new women’s sportswear collection.
“After trying a few companies I realized Double Zero was the best fit for my line,” she said. “Hard working people who understand where I wanted to go in terms of fashion and designs.”
While her clothing is available for sale on her website, Snooki still hasn’t announced who will be carrying her new collection.
Courtesy: WebNews

Olympic Style

The 2014 Olympics are over.  The gals at SoHo Accessories want to congratulate all the athletes that took part in the games.
But on to the style of one host who made the Olympics fun and stylish, former Olympic skater, Johnny Weir.

This man takes fashion seriously and has so much joy in doing it.  Though he has worked with many stylists like Rachel Zoe, he said, " No one is going to style me better than me.  I know myself best."
He went to Sochi with 4 huge suitcases, the size of Ford Focuses.  He claims that he always over packs. 
Fashion at the Olympics are generally the ice skaters with their memorable costumes.  So it is not surprising that Johnny Weir has stood out whether on the ice or off.

Tara Lipinsky and Johnny won't say what they will be doing in Pyeongchang for it is to early to tell.
Hopefully, they will be back.

Gold Braid

What an innovative idea for a new twist.  TIGI Creative from London makes hairstyling an art form.
Love it!

Fashion Week Strange Events

Strange happenings at Fashion Week 2014. A streaker in an animal-print G-string, crown and bright red socks attended the Prabal Gurung show. And for the record, his skimpy piece of cloth included animal ears, googly eyes and a red tongue. The model maintained her cool and didn't even flinch.

A woman sticks her finger in chocolate syrup that was dripped down a wall during the presentation of the Fall 2014 Opening Ceremony show during Fashion Week Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, in New York. How can you concentrate on fashion with all that chocolate? Designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim were inspired by a trip to Belgium so that's where the chocolate comes in.

Kate Moss Fashion Advice

Everyone knows the English model Kate Moss who rose to fame in the 1990 is a style icon. Well now she has a fashion column in The Irish Independent. The first line of her column clearly states: “If you find a look that works for you, stick to it.” Her next words of advice were: “The pencil skirt is one of the most useful items to have in your wardrobe, as it’s always saucy – especially in black – and seems to work for almost everyone.” Here are 5 more tips from Kate.
Look to the Past “It’s important to have some inspiration or a reference point when you’re dressing.” Work Your Style “It’s often only other people who notice you have a signature style. I don’t think I’ve got one, though other people tell me I do. But it doesn’t matter – even if you do tend to wear the same things all the time, it’s how you wear them and your attitude that counts. Dressing is like modeling – you can constantly adapt and change.”
Dress for Your Mood For the most part Moss says she wears whatever she feels like at the time. For example an all black ensemble denotes she may be having an “off day.” Events are a completely different story. Moss plans ahead and she suggests that you do too. “If you’re going to an important dinner, you should plan what you’re going to wear, as you don’t want to look silly. If I’m going to an event, I make sure I plan ahead, so that I don’t have a fashion crisis.”
Prepare to Suffer Now we all now this to be true. “Sometimes, it’s more important to be well-presented than to be comfortable.”
The Finishing Touches Moss says she always has a pair of Ray Bans in her bag. “They’re a real staple.” She reminds us that it is important to accessorize and utilize scarves, hats, and sunglasses. Her husband Jamie Hince advises her not to pair hats and sunglasses because it looks like she is trying to wear a disguise. As for jewelry, the more the merrier. “I don’t think you can ever have too much.”

Valentine's Day Contest

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Fading Fashion Trends of 2013

Fashion comes and goes as we all know.  These fashion trends are no longer stylish for 2014.
Peplum tops were seen everywhere from blouses to jackets.  Save your money they are on the way out.
Once again ripped, torn or colored jeans should be no more.  We have said that before but they keep coming back.
Wedge sneakers and flatforms.
Cutouts.  Personally I don't know how this became popular.  No lumps or bumps in order to wear this trend, and as you know most women have some.  Cutouts will be around but now they will have lace inserts which makes it a little more flattering to wear.
What fashion trend from 2013 do you think should fade?

Rules to Not Live By

Rules, we are surrounded by rules and regulations.  Rules to live by, unwritten rules, house rules or just the golden rule.  But fashion really should have no rules.  Fashion is an expression of oneself, so how can you follow rules.
Cosmopolitan has complied a list of 20 rules we should give up. Some of them are rules your grandmother lived by. Yes, time to get rid of these rules.
Here are just a few of my favorites:

1.  Everyone should own _______. Boring. Who wants to own the same anything as everyone else?

2.  Never wear gold and silver jewelry together. Wearing gold and silver together actually looks better in a lot of cases than just wearing one or the other. The different metals compliment each other and stop you from looking too matchy matchy.  

3.  When it comes to jewelry, less is more. Layer that stuff on. If that's what you're into, the more the better. It's all just a matter of personal preference. When people say otherwise, what they are really saying is "I do it this way, so you should too" and that's rarely a good enough reason to do anything.

To read more:  Cosmopolitan