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Instagram Shopping

Just as the holiday shopping season officially gets underway, Instagram this week became the latest social media platform to throw its hat into the social shopping ring. Its newly-launched shopping feature allows brands to tag products and merchandise, the same way users currently tag their followers in a picture, and that “Tap to view” tag provides product information like price. There is not yet any purchasing from within the app but the company is working with 20 brands, including Kate Spade and J. Crew, and optimistically taking this first step despite previous social shopping failures from Pinterest, Twitter and even Facebook.
credit: Accessories Magazine

The Evil Eye

The evil eye is beautiful jewelry that some believe ward off bad luck or ill will from someone.  There is no question that mystical jewelry is on the rise.  Maybe its the progression of the witchy trend but wearing protective jewelry is now a trend.  Though it is not new, it is not uncommon.  Nearly every major culture believed in the "gaze of the malice".  McQueen, Givenchy and Chanel all are showing eye-shaped jewelry. So fashion now is offering us a way to protect ourselves.

No Hands?

The NY Times is reporting for the spring/summer 2017 that hands are out.  Well, that they are out of fashion.  Designers are concealing women's hands inside a sleeve.  The hem hanging between the third knuckle and several inches below the fingertips.
Is this a way to promote cool and now ?  A garment that prevents a woman from opening a door or using her phone.  Well of course you can open doors and use your phone, you just have to roll up your sleeves !

Perfect Gifts for Holidays.

Just check out all the great ideas we have for the holidays.
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Colors for Fall 2016

Just a reminder of all the beautiful colors for Fall 2016.

Airy blue is calming, strong and stable paired with sharkskin grey or almost any Fall color.
All this season's 2016 colors are anything but flat.

Attention-Isaac Mizrahi


Isaac Mizrahi will be at Lord and Taylor's flagship store on Thursday Oct. 6th.  6pm on the 4th floor.
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These are the ones !

These earrings are surprisingly versatile !  They can dress up jeans and a tee or be worn with a LBD.  They're glam, sleek at the same time.

Fall Must Haves

When the weather turns crisp and cool, so should your fashion.
#1. Statement Coat - A coat is an everyday necessity.  Everyone wants to be warm and chic.  Spend those extra bucks for one that is well made and looks well on you!
#2. Fun Shoes - Get a pair of metallic when you want your shoes to be the focus.  Neutral colors let your outfit shine. 
#3. Great Handbag - Autumn is the season for a fabulous purse. Leather or suede it doesn't matter.  Skip black and choose a burgundy or navy instead, they're neutral too.
#4. Thigh high boots - Need I say more !!!

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