Pop of Color

Many women are afraid of wearing colors. Or they feel that they are too old to wear the trendy styles. Don't be one of these women....all you need it just a pop of color. A bracelet, pair of shoes and your whole outfit changes from drab to fab.
Still shy of color...there is always lucite!

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bobbi said...

I have been seeing long elbow length gloves on many models in magazines. I kind of like the look of the gloves being pushed down, slouchy like. Match your color of your gloves to the color of your shoes, or handbag and your set. How's that for accessory news?

SoHo Accessories said...

Your right Bobbi! Everywhere you look in the fashion magazines they are showing long opera length gloves in multitude of colors.
I personally love the look. It transforms that black or camel coat that we all seem to have to a new level.
If you're shy about color, this is the way to introduce style into your wardrobe.
SoHo Accessories

Chic Chick said...

Long opera gloves? Is this just to go with our winter coats? It sounds very fifties. Will we be sporting little white gloves soon, too? :)