Always Rushing?

Trying to beat that clock? Want to get to work on time. Don't have time to accessorize? Well before you run out the door throw on a pair of knock'em dead earrings. Make them long and dramatic. No one will care that you forgot your necklace or bracelet.
Check out: Aquamarine Drop Earrings:

SKU: E0507AQ486


flirty girl said...

Those are gorgeous!! And aquamarine in my birthstone.

I have a friend at work who is addicted to Swarovski. She's got tons of complete sets and she and her husband travel to Europe and go to the Swarovski showroom.

There's now a Swarovski store near where I work, I love their stuff, but a necklace will run like $250!

mommamia said...

$250.00 dollars for a necklace? That really doesn't sound to expensive considering how expensive some designer handbags sell for. If it is beautiful and I suspect it would be, I'm sure that you would get great pleasure wearing it. It's all relative. Back to the earrings, yes they are really beautiful.