Do we care?

Another celebrity to hit the retail market. I say nay !! From Yahoo News: New York - The hotel heiress with the famously big feet who is often photographed wearing Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin shoes, is getting a footwear line of her own.
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Donna said...

I don't care! I wouldn't purchase anything from Miss Hilton. She needs to grow up and act like a responsible person!

Chic Chick said...

I agree. These celebrities break the law and get easy offs and we're supposed to applaud them?? I think not!

BellaRose said...

I hear that Vera Wang is starting a clothing line for Kohl's. It is being debuted Wednesday Aug.7, 2007. If the line is made well I don't have a problem with it as she is a designer. The celebrity that has no designing talent and just does it because they have a name it just wrong!!!