Get Ready !

Yes, the inevitable is happening, fall is coming. Actually every one is rushing the season, I think. We still have plenty more summer days ahead of us. Don’t we?

You can ease into fall with your summer wardrobe. Just change what you wear with it. What to wear in the crisp autumn air?

Patent Leather- Accessories and clothing with patent leather embellishments continue to be a hot trend for fall.

Bright Large Bag-Bold Bright oversize bags in red, yellow, purple all jewel tones continue to be a standout though the fall.

Metallic Accessories-Our favorite neutral continues into the Fall-Gold, Pewter, Bronze and Silver handbags, shoes and accessories add interest to virtually any look.


bobbi said...

The Barney's sale is like no other. Great sales that you normally wouldn't buy at regular prices. Not only are there bargains, but also the sales persons are just so nice and helpful. It says something for shopping in chic stores.

myfairlady said...

I love metallic. Love the large handbags and shoes. Just a touch. But ladies please don't wear worn out scuff metallic. Nothing looks worse...okay maybe panty lines.