Going out of Business Sale

I went over to MEXX a European clothing company that has stores in the U.S. They are located on 5th avenue between 51st and 52nd street. I went because a friend from work told me that they are closing all the U.S. stores (a sales person confirmed this) and EVERYTHING in the store is buy one get one free.
Wow! All brand new merchandise for fall, and summer sale clothing - and the ENTIRE store is buy one get one free. They are closing their doors September 3rd. And it wasn't like everything was thrown into bins, it was all nicely organized and felt like a regular shopping trip.
I got 4 really nice tops for $70 and my friend got 5 items for $90 including a Diane Von Furstenburg looking dress and some new fall sweaters.



bobbi said...

Oh no !!! That is such a great store. Will have to make haste and check out all the bargains.

myfairlady said...

Never heard of that store. Maybe they should have advertise more. Unless it's a tween store.

BellaRose said...

I liked this store, I don't understand why they are closing. They were much nicer than Forever 21. Since they are an international store maybe they have a website. Will have to check it out.