No Lumps, No Bumps

Spanx's meteoric rise to undergarment fame became official when Oprah had Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx on her show. Oprah's love affair with Spanx is well documented, and well deserved. Spanx is one of those rare life-changing products that actually lives up to the hype.

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Power Panty ($34.00)

Now you can tuck your tummy with nary a doctor in sight. Slip these on, and then enjoy your whole lunch -- you won't have to undo the button of your pants on a full stomach.
Spanx comes in additional styles. No matter the fashion if you are all lumps and bumps no one looks good.


myfairlady said...

I've heard of these. I am wondering if they are hot to wear. At my age I don't need the temperature rising. Will have to check them out. They are right though nothing looks better than a sleek body no matter what the size.

BellaRose said...

I have them and I can tell you that they are wonderful. Instantly you lose 5 lbs. and you look put together. And no they are not hot. Give them a try.

Donna said...

I love spanx! I don't wear them under everything, but there are certain outfits that call for that sleek appearance. Try them and just say...bye-bye to panty lines! :)