Simply Vera

When a celebrity launches a fashion line it is not cause for cheer. But when a designer launches a ready to wear line it is time to take notice. Vera Wang at the age of 23 was the youngest ever fashion editor for Vogue. She is known for her nonchalant approach towards style and luxury. She opened her own business in 1990. Her style has become a fixture in the fashion world. All of her products are sold in the most exclusive stores including her own on Madison Ave. in New York City.
Simply Vera will be launched September 2007 in Kohl's department stores. The lifestyle collection will feature apparel, footwear,home and intimates. Check it out ladies.

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bobbi said...

I agree, I think that celebrities that have talent should stick to their trade. They aren't designers, so why should we care if they put out a clothing line? They are interested in the bottom line. In fact, don't the designers give them all those clothes? I wouldn't buy clothes just because someone's name is on it. I like to buy what fits, comfortable and chic.

bobbi said...

I was reading that the preview of Vera Wang's at Kohl's was a great success. Beautifully designed, adorned with embellishments, and priced to purchase. Sounds good to me and can't wait until I go to Kohl/s.