What are your thoughts on knock-offs?

Senate Joins Knockoff Battle

Published: August 9, 2007 THE movement by American designers to ban other companies from knocking off their work has gained some momentum since the idea was first introduced last year. At a news conference yesterday at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, talked about a bill proposing to extend copyright protection to fashion that had been introduced in the Senate last week, mirroring one that has been under consideration in the House since April 2006.
“Designers spend countless hours doing and redoing, testing, creating, thinking, and then some counterfeiter comes along and just takes it away,” said Mr. Schumer. “It’s stealing, plain and simple.”
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bobbi said...

I'm sure there are many ethical questions that should be addressed concerning knock-offs vs designer.
Putting that aside, I don't think the designers are losing money as anyone that can afford the original wouldn't buy a counterfeit bag. Then you have the designer inspired bag. Is that considered a knock-off?

SoHo Accessories said...

Finding designer goods for less have become most difficult. You can shop the back rooms of Chinatown, or hop into the back of a van, but that is not an option for me. I rather chose an "Inspired" version of my favorite handbag.

What's the difference? Knock-off claim to actually be the bag. They carry the designer logo. "Inspired" just claims to be inspired by the bag design. They are a look-alike but not a twin. Usually no designer logo.
SoHo Accessories

flirty girl said...

First of all, where are all the knock-offs being made??? China. This is a losing battle. The technology industry has been fighting infringement for years. Our companies spend millions in R&D to develop innovative products and then someone takes the new item to another country to be knocked off and then sent back to the U.S. for our consumers to buy.
And buy it we do, as long as its cheap cheap cheap!
I have bought many a knock-off and every year I'm in Chinatown, the knock-offs get even better. It makes it hard to resist when a Coach bag that sells for $480 in the stores is just $45 in Chinatown and these days it is REALLY hard to tell the difference between real and fake.
I know I shouldn't partake, but I'm an American and addicted to cheap goods.
Now, the designers like Louis Vuitton claim that knockoffs steal sales from LV. That is SO NOT TRUE! That would be saying that a woman who buys a knockoff LV, would have bought the real thing had the knockoff not been available. An absurd suggestion. Those buying knockoffs do so because they can't afford the real thing (or wouldn't waste the money), so its either knockoff or nothing.
My tastes change too often to spend $500 on every purse I like!

SoHo Accessories said...

Shame on you for buying knockoffs, where are your principles?! :-)
Actually, when starting out as purveyors of jewelry and accessories, we asked ourselves whether or not we should carry knockoffs. Our decision has always been no, because we feel they would cheapen the overall image of our business.
But the lure of knockoffs are hard for a lot of retailers to resist because they spell big margins, $$$.
Not our style, though!

SoHo Accessories

myfairlady said...

Talk about the economy, what happens to Chinatown without the knock-offs? Many hardworking people would be out of work. All the shopkeepers wouldn't have anything worth selling. Now you have a new problem !! The area known as Chinatown would cease to exist for the tourist.