What's old is new again.

All fashion is recycled! Just look deep into your closet or drawers and I'm sure you can find many items that are in style today.
Remember "Buffalo's"....I have my from the 70's....they are in today.
Cinch belts......they been around since the 40's....where is yours?
Hoop earrings...big, big, big this year......they have been around forever.
Skinny pants......they haven't been gone that long. If you don't have a pair ask your mother she probably still has her's. Thank goodness she is not still wearing them.

Now the new nameplate, only you can have it customized to say anything...do you still have yours?

Jane Diaz- Initials Pendant...I wanted to give credit to the designer.


mommamia said...

I guess they were great "back in the day" so that is why they can resurface again in a little different and better way.

bobbi said...

Heidi Klum is modeling Jordache Jeans. Now that's a blast from the past. They have been around but I guess they now want to push the envelope! I might even have a pair in my closet.

myfairlady said...

I think they are adorable. I'm not a fan of wearing my name but I certainly would wear foxy. 8>)

Donna said...

Back to the skinny leg jeans...I heard they were out and the wide leg was in. Seems the skinny leg was not selling last season, so the designers decided to go to the other extreme. Why not just keep a "regular" leg??

Chic Chick said...

I think the most flattering cut on jeans is the boot cut. They always make your legs look long and lean. But I did buy a pair of wide leg jeans...to be on trend. :) With these jeans you must wear a skinny top or you'll look like you have no shape.