Block Party

I love Marc Jacobs fashions but.........Setting off the bright colors of the seventies-flavored Marc by Marc Jacobs collection were a series of Lego ornaments, including a brooch, a belt buckle, and a hair ornament. What we want to know is: Do they come apart and snap together into different accessories? Now that would make for constructive playtime.
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myfairlady said...

Now that is funny, but cute too. Children would love them I think. I guess designers have to have fun also. What's next Lite Brite peg jewelry?

flirty girl said...

I loved Lite Brite!
this stuff is no more "out there" than bakalite jewelry from the 40's and 50's. I think my grandmother had a bunch of that. Wish I could find it now since you always see it on Antique Roadshow!

bobbi said...

Hi flirty girl, Really interested in bakelite jewelry? Check out Ebay.
Personally I think the Lego accessories are just fun. Now if we could just Monopoly money ?