Colors for Now!

Well the talk of the town has been all about Fashion Week. All the newest fashions, newest young designers, newest accessories, but this is for Spring 08'. I won't remember all this then. I like to know what is in style now! I'll be checking all the powers that be just before the spring to see what is happening. I want to know what I can wear now.....not 6 months from now.
Not being a slave to fashion is a good thing. Knowing what is happening now, is also a good thing. Be your own designer.
Rich gem tones are the colors for this fall.Beautiful Lapis and rich cassis...Check these out. Find these and more at anntaylor

SoHo Accessories


myfairlady said...

Those are gorgeous colors. They will look stunning with the grays of the season.
I agree with "be your own designer". First you have to know what you can and can not wear.

mommamia said...

I also agree with "Be your own designer". When you read the magazines, first they say anorexic eyebrows, then it's a uni-brow, then the brows are manicured. Which is it?
That's where your fashion sense comes in and you decide what is best for you.

Donna said...

I agree. You have to know what works for you. Something that looks great on a super model may look awful on you. I think most of us girls don't take every fashion trend that comes down the catwalk too seriously. :)

BellaRose said...

There are so many ways to go with jewelry these days, but above all, don't be afraid to make your own statement! Have fun! Life's too short.