A Few Ideas

A few ideas how to go from summer to fall quick and inexpensive.
Scarf- This is one way to adorn your outfits. Once temperatures start to drop wear a scarf before you even wear a sweater or jacket. You’ll be surprised how warm you will feel.
Shoes- Store your sandals away and chose closed-toe shoes. However, adding hose to peep-toe shoes is also a trendy look and good for fall.
Tights- Add them to existing skirts and dresses and change the look of your outfit. Ribbed, patterned, opaque or sheer, they’ll all work. It’s fashionable to add black opaque tights and heels to a Summery dress in early fall.
Handbags- Now is the time to put away all the wicker and straw handbags. No more beach bags. One added accessory is a tote, which are being carried with handbags. Ladies I think we are carrying too much.
For a stylish appearance accessories make the difference.
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Donna said...

I love the idea of tights! They hide any sins of the leg...like ugly veins!! :)

SoHo Accessories said...

donna, check out the review of tights by the NYC Rockettes. Very helpful.

myfairlady said...

Thanks for the review of tights. By the way Real Simple is a great magazine. If you don't subscribe do so. It is just chock full of articles and helpful hints.

bobbi said...

Real Simple is a great magazine. From fashion to recipes this magazine has it all. I think they are connected to the Container Store. I may be wrong.