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I'm only going to whisper....the holidays are coming. I know some people are already shopped and wrapped. I'm not one of them. I have just started to think about it.
But, I just wanted to post a little reminder.
SoHo Accessories offers a special 90-day holiday return policy covering items purchased from October 18th to December 18th. Purchases will be refunded by company check. You will not be charged additional shipping for exchanges.
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myfairlady said...

Shopping at SoHo Accessories has helped me to get an early start on my holiday shopping. Now if I can just remember where I put everything.

flirty girl said...

Geez, Wal-Mart already started their holiday push a few weeks ago!
I've actually gotten a few things on my holiday list already.

Tell you what I love...I got some stuff for friends from your site last year and you have that 90 day return policy.
Why don't more retailers do this??!!! Most times, if I buy early then there's no way the person can return the item when it was purchased months before...
Good thinking!