Finishing touches

Polish off your look with ladylike elements and luxe accents. From hats and gloves to matching bags and shoes, accessories add sophistication and style, while embossed croc and hardware have a powerful presence. Belts are now a wardrobe staple and will help you take shape this season! Wide, corsetlike options will provide structure and support, while slim, skinny versions will not only look refined, they’ll help you to define. And last but not least, consider your coat! This piece literally puts the finishing touch on your outfit every day, so look for special details or a daring color, and invest in something you love!


bobbi said...

It is funny that you just posted this message. I have found that I am seeing more and more beautiful coats, not just plain black or navy ones. Maybe my fashion awareness is starting to kick in.

flirty girl said...

I picked a coat I love this season at Lord and Taylor in NYC. Seems like the department stores are running crazy sales this year on coats. Every day my mailbox is filled with coupons, I love it! I'm definitely getting some good deals this season.