Ornaments for the Hair

Use a twinkly clip to sweep your hair off your forehead; it highlights the eyes. Or create a frame for your face with a thin headband, teasing the hair behind it. Upswept styles are the little black dress of hair. There are a few ways to take a ponytail from gym to glam. Tease the top or tail, create a cascade of curling-iron waves, or go extra sleek with help from a pure boar-bristle brush. To keep your tresses perky don't overdo on hairspray: mist on just a bit and bring a mini bottle for touch-ups. Find pretty trimmings at SoHo Accessories

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flirty girl said...

I've always wanted to use beautiful clips like these, but I have pretty fine hair and they won't stay in. Sometimes if its professionally done the hairdresser can tease my hair enough to get it to stay. :-(
I'm just envious of the girls that have nice thick hair for these sparkly barettes.