All right, I have been to the after Christmas sale at Fortunoff’s. They are the best-run store of the season. People were all over shopping holiday specials. Everything was well stocked and they had the lines moving fast and efficient. Hurry and go if you need holiday decorations for next year.
In order to make the best of the sales and returns that you may have here's a few tips.
1. Know what is on sales before you shop. The circulars from the major stores will help show you what deals are offered.
2. Return items right away. Receipts have a way of getting lost. Returning your items as quickly as possible reduces this risk, and make sure you return it before the deadline.
3. Just because something is on sale, that doesn't mean it's a bargain. Do you need it or just want it? Whatever the case think before you make that purchase.
4. Give the salesperson a smile, they had a rough season too.
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