Hello Kitty is no sexist.

The cute cuddly white cat from Japan's Sanrio Co., usually seen on toys and jewelry for girls and young women, will soon don T-shirts, bags, watches and other products targeting young men.
Hello Kitty can already be found decorating everything from erasers, jewelry, sandwich makers and Swarovski crystal-encrusted laptops. The feline for-men products will go on sale in Japan next month, and will be sold soon in the U.S. and other Asian nations, according to Sanrio.


bobbi said...

Now that is plain silly. What guy is going to wear this? Maybe if Hello Kitty had a red circle around it with a slash going thru it may become popular.

flirty girl said...

You'd be surprised, guys are getting a lot more sensitive these days. I recently saw "Dude" diaper bags. Diaper bags for guys in macho colors and patterns. Couldn't believe it. But then it's not the guys buying them for themselves, it's the wives buying it for their husbands.

BellaRose said...

I disagree flirty girl. Guys today are totally into their children so a manly diaper bag is just a perfect accessory. Hello Kitty is for young girls or for the young at heart. Unless the guy is girly I say "let's leave Hello Kitty alone".