Potty Talk

Do you ever find yourself desperately looking for
a clean toilet in the city? When nature calls, it sometimes asks nicely. Other times it screams. Which is a major bummer when you're walking a street fair or at the halfway mark of a Saturday shopping spree. Here's a web address you should add to your favorites. MizPee is a mobile service that helps you find the nearest public restroom when you really need it the most. MizPee finds the closest, cleanest toilets in your area. You can add and review toilets, get some cool deals in your area and challenge your knowledge of toilet trivia. To access Mizpee from your phone, go to mizpee from your mobile browser. Or simply enter your mobile phone number and carrier, and we will send the URL to your phone!


Bellarose said...

That is a great service. I won't go into particulars. LOL
Thanks for your blog. I know it must be hard work. I appreciate all the tips and style advice. Most of all I appreciate the humor.
Have a happy holiday SoHo.

flirty girl said...

I second that! Thanks for staying up on great tips and tricks! I love reading your Blog.