"Say it Ain't So"

Reported in today's NY Times. Isaac Mizrahi, the cheap-chic designer who helped create the image of Target as a style destination, defected from the retailer on Tuesday to a more ambitious, and lucrative, role of making over the struggling Liz Claiborne label.
The end of his five-year run at Target is a blow to a retailer that has based its entire business on creating a safe home for celebrity designers to reach a broader and less-affluent audience. Mr. Mizrahi’s collection sold as much as $300 million each year, and it will be a challenge for Target to find a replacement as well known to consumers. Read more at NYTimes

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Bellarose said...

Sorry but Target will never be the same without Isaac Mizrahi. What designer could they get that would deliver such great designs at such inexpensive prices. I am familiar with their "International" designers, but they come and go.