Spare Soles

At first glance, Spare Soles just look like cute little jeweled ballet slippers, and they come in silver or black. But what makes Spare Soles so special is that even though they feature waterproof, skid-resistant soles, they roll up into these super-small bundles that can be stored in their very own little matching wristlet. Said wristlet can be stowed in a bigger bag, or carried on its own since it has an inside pocket for an ID and credit cards. Great for carrying in your purse for shoe emergencies (like when a high heel breaks), Spare Soles are also ideal for events like weddings when you want to be able to changes from heels to flats in seconds flat. Retailing for $23 (U.S) per pair. Sparesoles Courtesy of


Bellarose said...

What a great idea. I always take a pair of slippers with me or I just walk around barefoot (not a good idea in the ladies lounge). But they are usually too big to fit into my evening purse. Problem solved.

flirty girl said...

I just ordered a pair and I really hope they work out.
Why hasn't someone come up with this before????

Chic Chick said...

Wow, a great idea! I need a spare pair to carry with me...I can't tell you how many shoe emergencies I've had! Lead me to these "kind soles"! :)