Spring Shoe Trends

Images courtesy of Zappos.com
Well, this spring, you can have just about any kind of shoe you desire with a metallic finish. Especially if you desire it in gold, and especially, especially if you desire it in silver. Shimmer on. Every color of the rainbow is well represented in this Spring's selection of footwear. But there is a special emphasis on hot and citrus colors like oranges, limes, yellows and pinks. A mini-trend-prints are experiencing a bit of a comeback this Spring as well. From floral patterns to retro graphic prints. Stay tune for more Spring shoe trends.


Bellarose said...

I love those little yellow shoes but would find them not practical. How many times could you wear them. You certainly couldn't wear them with other prints.

SoHo Accessories said...

Just keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple. You just want a wow factor here. Just a touch of the Spring trend.