Which is the Deal?

Large croco-embossed leather tote with double shoulder straps from a large Manhattan store for only $159.00, or a piqued cut top edging combined with stark simplicity is finished off with a faux alligator skin embossing for $35.00. The one on the left is the deal. At SKU: P1107BKBR588


flirty girl said...

It always amazes me that anyone would pay $150 for a bag, any bag, when there is always something for less that looks virtually the same.
Yes, I know the materials and embellishments make a difference, blah blah blah. But I change my mind too often, and get bored with purses too soon, to justify paying more than $50 for anything!

BellaRose said...

I am very conscious of handbags that women carry. I try to figure out if the are the "real deal" or a fake. Most of the time I can't tell. So I would never spend $150.00 on a handbag.

bobbi said...

I wish that I could afford to spend that kind of money on a "real" bag!