Eye Candy

Imagine, in a literal blink of the eye, you could apply your eye shadow perfectly! If this sounds like something you could incorporate in your beauty routine, you’ll love ColorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators!
Ladies, admit it, you’ve flipped through fashion magazines or watched movies and envied the flawless makeup, right? Envy no more!
“These are single-use, hygienic, hypoallergenic applicators that require no makeup skills, no brushes or secondary applicators. Imagine an eye shadow that is waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing that transfers to the eyelid with just a touch. The result is nothing short of amazing: A professional, flawless look every time.”
They offer pads in a range of colors, from neutral tones to look-at-me prints like camouflage.
Beauty shoppers can customize the kits their order with the types of colors or designs they’d like to order. A 10-pack kit sells for $30 and comes with setting powder and application brush.


lisa said...

I love this product and use it all the time. It reeally does stay on all thru work, the gym, even club hopping all night. My favorites are ibiza, bronze goddess, amethyst & gold, and gypsy.
Tip- you can use 1 applicator for both eyes, twice as many applications!

flirty girl said...

wow! normally I would be suspicious, but since a "real" person recommends it maybe they are worth a try...

I wonder if Sephora carries it, there's one by me. It would be nice if it saves time.

Bellarose said...

I don't know about saving time. The trick would be for me to be able to put on the eye shadow in a creative way.