You Don't Need to Worry About What You Wear

Just a little blurp that I have taken from Sunday's Daily News: Of course you want to look nice for a date. Do you know what looks best of all? You feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident that you look good. You could wear the world's shortest, slinkiest, sexiest dress, yet if you spend the whole evening tugging at your cleavage and pulling down the hem, you may as well have worn a burlap sack for all the seduction you accomplish. So don't wear any stupid shoes you can't walk in and don't wear anything that will give you hypothermia: just stick with an old favourite that always makes you feel good.
A girl laughing and dancing and making sparkly conversation = attractive. A girl whining about being cold and insisting on getting a taxi to travel 200 yards = a colossal pain.
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