Accessory Nails

It is your face that everyone looks at first and then it is your nails. They are a necessary accessory. So you definitely should take care of your nails. Groom them weekly, moisturize them daily, and take proper care of your cuticles. By doing this you can expect the best nail care. The following are some tips on how to deal effectively with various nail care problems.

Brittle nails
These are generally caused by sun exposure, eating a poor diet or using commercial nail hardeners for a long time. Avoid using hardeners because they contain formaldehyde, a chemical that has a drying effect on your nails.

Hangnails are normally caused by picking and biting nails, exposure to chemicals and detergents or nail neglect. Remove these hangnails using a sharp cuticle nipper. Using massage cuticle oil, lotion or cream once a day can help prevent hangnails completely.

Ridges usually are caused due to genetic reasons. Though you cannot avoid or cure the problem, you can smooth the ridged surface using a buffer and buffing cream. However, if the ridges are recent, then it may be a sign of anemia. Then you have to consult your doctor. You should be gentle when grooming your nails. Buff your nails before applying sheer polish. You get better results when they are smooth and free of ridges.

Yellow nails
It is normally caused by not using base coat underneath the polish. It may also be a more serious nail fungus. You can use an over the counter fungus solution. These treatment work but you have to be diligent. Also avoid those dark colors. Let your nails breathe for a while. You can also use a remover that contains a lemon juice-like ingredient. This ingredient can bleach out the yellow.

Nail biting
There is no surefire way for stopping the nail biting habit. But getting a professional manicure every week can help a lot. You are less likely to bite your nails if they are even and polished, and you paid for them to look so nice. Really if your hands look manicured and polished you won’t feel self-conscious and have the need to hide them.

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If your nails have yellowed due to smoking or using dark nail polish colors without a base coat you might want to try this lemon juice recipe: