Where did I put my glasses?

How many times in a day have you asked that question? How much time you do spend looking for them? Too many times and too long is my answer. Finally hope is in sight. Even though they have been featured in Oprah,Le Loop is the still the best kept secret.
They are these fabulous looking chain necklaces, that have a large loop, so that you can easily dangle your glasses or sunglasses from them. You can even layer them with another necklace. So, if you're looking for a solution for keeping your glasses nearby, get yourself one.


BellaRose said...

Great idea, but I checked them out and they are very pricey. So, I thought maybe I can make my own. If they come out good maybe I'll go into business myself.

GJ said...

Get a Laloop for yourself at http://www.ContactsandSpecs.com