Get Ready for Fall Trends

Get ready to add a few new pieces to your fall wardrobe, here are some of the hottest trends in fall fabrics and colors. Blend your own individual style with the latest fashion trends to find your perfect look
Fall floral
The floral trend won't fade with the warm weather at the end of summer. Fall floral will be very popular in rich tones of purple, rust, green and other fall colors.
Pretty plaids
Just like last fall, plaid will be popular once again this year. Look for plaid dresses, coats, shoes and even handbags. Wear plaid in deep colors, such a plum, burgundy, forest green and chocolate brown.
Oversized knits
Instead of wool and tweed coats, look for thick cable knit sweaters in interesting shapes and styles.
Feeling blue
Blue isn't just for spring and summer. All shades of blue will be popular for fall this year, from cobalt to sapphire to aqua. Pair your blue fashions with grey, gold and basic black.
Lots of texture
More than anything, we will see a lot of texture in fall fashion. Pleats will be used in everything from dresses to shoes. Ruffled, blistered and bubbled fabrics will also rule the season.
Experiment with texture to spice up your everyday look. Don't be afraid to blend contrasting textures such as a ruffled top with studded bag for a mix of femininity and edgy appeal.
More fall fashion trends
· Knee-length dresses
· Exaggerated shoulders
· Slouchy slacks
· Full skirts
· Oversized bows
· Riding boots
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