In the Name of Fashion?

The shoes - in sizes 0 to six months - are not meant for walking and will "collapse" if little ones put weight on them, says the designers' Web site,
Creators Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter say on the Web site that "her first high heels" are "extremely funny, completely soft, fully functional high-heel crib shoes for babies."
The novelty pumps that let infants channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw come in six colors - leopard satin print, hot pink patent, black satin, zebra satin, black patent, and hot pink satin.
They call this funny? No,this is just not right,it’s not even funny. They look like Ms.Piggy shoes!


StyleScrybe said...

They look like Minnie Mouse shoes to me! If I had a daughter, I'd put them on her for Halloween photos (just for kicks), and that would be it. Seriously, though, what's next... baby bustiers?

SoHo Accessories said...

I agree they look comical, and I think that is what the makers had in mind. Not to take them to seriously.