Ecomony Lines

Whenever you are stressed don't you turn to comfort foods? Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes all foods that make you feel safe and secure. Well fashion is really not any different. Soothing styles are already hitting the racks. Clothes that are quite simple and well tailored work for any shape, and you can wear them over and over when you change the accessories. If you are going to spend money, you don't want to buy something that you're only going to wear once. It's the return of all-American sportswear, a growing trend of easy, comfy casuals. Shop with your head, not over it!

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LittleMe said...

My comfort food is franks and beans...I'm sure we can start a thread of everyone's comfort food. As far as fashion..jeans if it dress down Friday, or a tailor black business suit for during the week...I always either have a pin, or scarf to try to disguise the same suit...Now that I should be conserving my money I will look to dress up my suits with different accessories or bold color blouses to somehow change the look.