Just a Few New Style Rules

Let Your Roots Show
A dark part used to mean you missed a salon visit. But imperfection can be cool, provided roots are only a few shades away from your highlights.
Stay in Sandals
No need to retire them yet. Strappy footwear looks great for fall with dark stockings (as do peep-toe pumps).
Don't Match Your Stockings to Your Shoes
Last year: matching tights and ankle boots. This season: different hues for your heels, tights and your gem-tone shift.
Mix Your Metals
That old adage of wearing only silver or gold is gone: An armful of bangles in both—the shinier the ores the better—suddenly feels right.
Fret No More About Hemlines
Mom always said a coat should hit right at a dress’s hem, but for once she’s wrong. Designers have been flouting the rule with renewed vigor this season—and you should too.
Belt Everything But Your Pants
Cinch a narrow belt over an evening jacket (as seen on fall runways).
Courtesy of InStyle.com

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glitsyglam said...

All the new style rules just goes to show me that there are no rules.
That's the way I like it. March to your own drummer.