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Preowned fashions fit well with economic concerns this holiday season. When the economy takes a turn for the worse, clothes shopping is usually one of the first things most women slash from their budget. Second stores are experiencing a record revenues this holiday season. There are fabulous deals to be found.
Top 5 Rummage Rules
#1. When shopping for gifts, get things that are easy to fit. A nice handbag or some funky jewelry.
#2. Sequins are huge trend this year. You can get a one-of a kind piece that will last you this season without spending a fortune.
#3. Don't pay attention to size. Always try it on.
#4. Consider tailoring. If it doesn't fit you may be able to have it alter for a few dollars.
#5. One of the best thrift-store buys this season are boots. They can be as much as 75% off.
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