Glam up your look with Belts

Belts can jazz up any old or drab attire. A lot about a woman can be determined by the belt she chooses to wear. While a broad belt would mean more confidence and formality (afterall, belts began as a military accoutrement) , a narrow one would mean stylish and feminine. To add a touch of glamour, spruce your belt with some sequins and wear it with casual apparel.

Leather belts fit in perfectly into any formal attire and lend you the "professional" look. Belts with big loops look great when teamed up with Denim.
Often a red ribbon or sashes can glam up your otherwise boring dress. It’s not only belts that can be worn; you can also wear a long scarf, ribbon or a long neckpiece around your waist.
Just a word of caution: Only wear high waist belts, if you have a slim and trim figure.
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