Happy Holidays!

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday!
Although, I would love to continue posting, but I am not sure if I would be getting time with all the festivities around. So, wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

-The gals at SoHo

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Rebecca Crabtree said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've become one of your followers! Rebecca x

Maria Palma said...

Hi Barbara and Ellen,

Happy Holidays to you as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. I love all the fashion tips you have here ;)

I've added you to my blogroll - and I've become a follower as well!

All the Best,
Beauty Is Within

Freddy Style said...

hi there..
this is me Mr.Freddy from http://mr-freddy.com

i love to trade link with u hun but honestly my blog(mr-freddy.com) already not active,i have change the url and moved to http://freddystyle.blogspot.com

do uw nat to change link??

Leon said...

Hi Barbara and Ellen,
Thanks for the sweet comment:)Your blog is wonderful and I'll be around.

Just added u to my blogroll.

Happy Holidays:)

sex.kitten said...

Hi there!! Thanks for your comment. I'm delighted with your blog I'm adding you to my blogroll right now!!

Happy Holidays!!!!


Freddy Style said...

i am agree with u
i have to link ur blog in my blog

slashlu said...

thanks invite me,i want join your partnership.but tell me what i need to do?

Kaybe said...

Answer 2 your comment added you to my page

MIRELA said...

Happy new year!
Thank u visited my blog:)I LIKE YOUR WORK TOO BUT U MUST CHANGE YOUR TEMPLATE FOR A MORE GOOG LOOKING STYLE ANS MORE TRAFFIC.IF U NEED ADVICE I HAVE AN BLOG ABOUT THIS :www.blog-sau-store.blogspot.com its in romanian but u can translte it.See u and i wish u again all its best!
Sorry for my english ,i made mistakes i think..im romanian:)

citelulah said...

why not. i've been meaning to create a blogroll. i'm adding you right now.

happy holidays also!

does anyone else here wanna trade links? :)

earthlingorgeous said...


Thanks for the wonderful comment you left at my blog.

That is a good idea for a blog btw. I will add your link to mine now.

Happy Holidays


admin said...

Happy Holidays to you as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. I love all the fashion tips you have here ;)

I've added you to my blogroll, please let me know when you do the same!

All the Best in the year to come,
Fashions n Designs

... said...

Hi from Paris Barbara & Ellen !
Thank you for your kind message on Easy fashion Paris. It's a good idea to create such a Blogroll.
I link you on my list. Please don't forget to link me back !
Happy new year !

Fred the Mole

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Happy Holidays! Great blog!

Freddy Style said...

hi why u don't put my Link in ur blog??
u promised me rite??

Pamela Erny said...

Hi Barbara and Ellen...thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Yours is super!

Yes, I am interested in trading/swapping links. I'll add yours after I see mine added here at SoHo :)

Pam, from ~Off The Cuff Style~

diane said...

Thanks for the comment your left on my blog. I've added your link to my sidebar and look forward to being added to yours.


Luciano Bove said...

Ciao and thanks for your comment. When I'll go back home i'll get back in contact with you. thanks

Manteiga Voadora said...

Hello there! Thanks for the adorable comment! I'm honestly glad you liked my work and even better, that you're interested in exchange blog links. Well, i have already added your link to my favourites, and i promise i will start visiting and recommending yours!

Take Care, and Happy New Year!!!

styleanywhere said...

happy holidays!thanks for visiting my blog..i have added a link of your blog in my site...:-)

xoxkissablexox said...

I just saw you're comment, thought I'd reply back. Just wanted to thank you for the nice comments and support. I'd love to do exchange links. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon. Happy Holidays

Style Eyes said...

Thank you for your comments. Your blog looks great, I will add you to my blogroll today.

Mystique*61 said...

Thank you for the comment, have added your blog & become a follower too! Great luck to you & Happy Holidays! Karen @ Mystique Vintage.

Yolanda said...

Hi Barbara and Ellen,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your compliments. happy holiday's to you tooand hope you have a fab 2009.
I have placed a link to your blog on my site under 'links j'adore'.
Speak soon and stay in touch

Yolande from London

Kimberly Monaco said...

Happy Holidays!!!

Luxual said...


This is Patricia from luxual blog.
I will add your blog to my blog roll, I also look forward to exchanging ideas on Polyvore with you.

xoxoTori said...

Hi, its Tori from Tips By Tori. I would love to add your blog to my blog roll. Sorry I have been posting lately its just all the Holidays has left me pretty stressed and I haven't had time to post! I'll add your link to my list right now !
Here's Mine: http://tipsbytori.blogspot.com/

xoxo, Tori (:

Liz Blair said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please put a link to my site on the blog and I will do the same!

Harmony said...

Ah divas.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Happy Holidays to you! Yes, let's trade blog links.

unu-plus-unu said...

Happy Holidays! SoHo... you link it in to my blog.

uniquefavors said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Would love to exchange links! Drop me in your blogroll and I'll definately add you to mine. Hope you have a great New Year!!


Bombshell Beauty said...

Hi girls-
I'd be happy to exchange links with you. Have a happy new year!

Soho500 said...

Rebecca- Much appreciated!
Maria- I added your link
Freddy- Didnt get your comment
Leon- Added your shopping blog to my list as well!
Sex.Kitten- Added
kaybe- I have added you as well!
Citelulah- Cant seem to access your blog!
Earthling Gorgeous- Added you as well!
John- Whats your URL and desired anchor text?
Fred-Cant access your blog either!
Pamela- Added you to my list!
Diane- You are on my list as well :-)
Styleanywhere- I couldnt locate the link on your blog, I have added you...please add my blog.
Mystique- I have added your blog as well
Yolanda- You are on my blog list as well.
Kimberly- Happy Holidays to you too!
Patricia- I have added your blog
Tori- Your blog in my list too!
Liz- Your link is on my blog as well!
Fabuless Beauty: I have added you as well...Please add me to your blog.

Thank you all for the fab comments.
Love you all!

Soho500 said...

Ayme- Your link is on my Blog
Sara- I just added your link as well...Please do the same!

jhoicexoxo said...

Hi nice site u've got here.
Thanks for the greetings, anyway..
Wish All the best for 2o09!

Sure we can ex link:)

spiderhole consumer said...

I'll add you when Blogroll is back up and downloadable again! Thanks. I like your style as well. Cheers

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I love period costumes (swoons)!

Pamela Erny said...

Hi Barbara and Ellen....

I've just added your link to my blog, ~Off The Cuff Style~.

Thanks for adding mine!