Punk Revolution

If the Punk look is what your heart desires, try out these:
-Punk and rock inspired clothing like short skirts; skinny pants and jackets are in.
-Layering of materials like leather, pleather, satin, taffeta, lace and chiffon.
- Dark colors like black, purple, navy, claret and charcoal are a must try.
- High heeled boots, lace tights and dark sunglasses look deadly when teemed together.
-Chains, zippers and metal buttons add a lot of detailing to your look.
- Metal cuffs, neck chains and oversized metal rings are a must have.
- Foil print t-shirts are in vogue.
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Bianca said...

Thanks for your comment - compliments of the season to you also! I have added you to my blogroll - I know how difficult it is to get the visitors sometimes :)
Hope to see you on my blog again :)

Jason said...

You have a great site. Thanks for the compliments on my site. I would love to exchange links. I will add you to my blogroll. I love the dress Alicia Keys has on. It looks great on her.

Happy Holidays to you also.