Regal wave

All of us believe that there is a Diva within us. We love to dress up and behave like Royals. Here are a few must Regal do’s
- Fashion inspired by royalty, be it the Indian princes or the Elizabethan courtiers.
- Waistcoats, skinny pants, mannish shirts and slim skirts.
- Fabrics like velvet, lace, silk and chiffon must be used in abundance. - An abundance of layering from separates to crinolines.
- Antique broaches, filigree hoops, hair clips and jewelry never go out of style.
- Extended eye lines in black and exotic colors like peacock and grapes.


TeeKay said...

Cool site! Thanks for the comment. I will gladly put you on my blog roll. Happy Holidays!


Kidcessory Haven said...

Geez...wasn't that just THE dress that Cate Blanchett wore on 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'?

I love your new idea and have added you to my blogroll.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Lisa Connor said...

Hi Barbara & Ellen,
Forgive me for posting in the comment section, I did not have your email address. Yes I am interested in connecting with you. Please email me Lisa at to work out the details. :)