Revamp your Wardrobe

Nothing seems to excite us anymore, in the time of economic crisis we try our best to abstain ourselves from spending on clothes. However, that does not mean that we look drab and wear the same old clothes.

Here are a few “Power Boosters” that would add a twist to your Wardrobe:
#Preserve classics- Classics like a LBD, Jeans, Black trousers, and crisp white shirts would never go out of fashion. Learn to take good care of them- as you would need them time and again.

#Mix -N-Match- Learn to mix and match clothes. Try new options with your jeans/ trousers and start noticing the difference.

#Accessorize your attire- Go for an eye catching accessory. It can be an earring, a watch, a neck piece, a broach or anything else.# Try out new options- No one said that a broach can be never used as a button, or that a necklace can’t be worn as a bracelet. Just unleash your imagination and start noticing the difference.

#Color – Winter being a season of colors, show them. Dig out the brightest scarf that you own and flash it out.
# Co-ordinate- Co-ordinate your clothes with your bags and shoes.
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