Wardrobe must have

Here is the list of a few wardrobe must haves but as usual with a twist…..
GOWN- Try a metallic one for an elegant evening look. Keep the embellishment tonal and minimal.
COCKTAIL DRESS- Try one with textured fabrics. Detailing like gathers and panels add an interesting twist. Experiment with different metallic tones in your looks and accessories.
BASIC WHITE SHIRT- Wear that shirt with denims or corduroy trousers. Add fun accessories like an edgy belt and beads.
JACKET- Pair it up with a flirty skirt. Wear high boots to look stylish.
SUITS- Try out a golden suit with an animal print shirt.
BLACK TROUSERS- Replace your lycra or cotton ones with glam skinny pants.

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Jennifer said...


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Leonti said...

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Kimberly Monaco said...

ok... I agree with most of these 'must haves'... but a gown? I don't think I have ever worn or needed a gown.... where are you people going that you wear gowns???


also, I've added your blog to my "blogs I read" list... U'd love to the link exchange - thanks!!!!

Annette Piper said...

Hi :)
Thanks for contacting me about a little linking 'love'! I would be interested to do this providing all participating on a similar (quality) level. Please contact me at annette@annettepiper.com to discuss further!

BTW, love that red gown!