3 Weeks to Valentine's Day

How about being proactive this Valentine's Day and taking the reigns? Can you imagine the pressure guys must feel each year as V-Day approaches and they are supposed to have some romantic plan in place with dinner reservations and special chocolates? They must sweat for weeks beforehand, or go into all out panic for those that wait until the last minute. This year, why not tell him you will make the plans and let him off the hook? What better way to have the perfect V-Day than to plan it yourself?

Valentine's Day, though we gals love it, is another example of consumerism at its best. The three biggest shopping holidays are Christmas, Easter, and you guessed it, Valentine's Day. And I'll bet you didn't know that Japan has a similar celebration except that it is the girls that buy gifts for the guys.

We gals can plan a more frugal Valentine's Day. Guys are notorious for waiting until the last minute, and last minute shopping or planning typically means spending more. This Valentine's Day why not plan a romantic dinner at home for two where you cook your favorite foods? Get a bottle of wine you both have enjoyed in the past. Rent a movie you both pick out. Reminisce about the first time you two met and what the first thought was that went through your head. Planning can mean spending $50 instead of $200 and helps you get past another consumption-driven holiday with less impact to your wallet.

(Single? Plan a V-Day get together with your gal pals where you do home spa treatments!)

Let us know how you plan to spend your V-Day!

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BellaRose said...

Spending the holiday with friends and family !! It is always so much fun. Valentine's Day is a day of love..and what better way to spend it.