Customer Service May Make A Comeback in 2009

Ever wonder what the heck happened to customer service in this country? In recent years it’s felt like nearly every worker in the service industry would just as soon spit on me as help me. Aren’t I there to spend my hard earned money, which is what creates the job for that worker in the first place? How about a simple smile and a thank you for having just spent my last dime on a new pair of shoes?
Anyhow, I suspect that customer service may make a comeback in 2009. Why?
Reason #1: Growth in the retail sector exploded for years alongside the debt-fueled spending frenzy prompted by the housing market boom. Now that the boom has gone bust in a big way, consumers have pared back spending similar to the painful economic times of the early 1980’s. Bankruptcy rates have shot up in the retail sector and will be the norm for the industry in 2009/10.
Because of this, the retailers left standing will have to fiercely compete for every consumer dollar they can get. Since competing by lowering prices eats at margins and potentially puts them out of business, the retailers will have to (eventually) compete on the value-added side of things, customer service of which is the cheapest.
Reason #2: The unemployment rate for Teens, who make up the majority of retail workers, is now above 20%. The retail sector is sizing down its staff and that means they will keep only the best performing workers. In this down economy, Teens will realize that it’s not their right to have a job that allows them to text their friends while ignoring the customer.
So I am hopeful that if there’s only one positive outcome of the financial crisis we are currently in, it’s that my dollar buys me more than a crappy attitude!
What say you?

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kittyscreations said...

I have to say I totally agree with you. Customer service has gone down everywhere. Maybe this recession will have at least one benefit.