Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards was an evening of one dress more beautiful then the next. More than an awards show, it was a glamorous fashion show, with only a few dress misses.The main theme seemed to be to wear neutral gowns of off white, cream, gold or beige. Thank goodness, the strapless look seemed to finally moving on to necklines that are a bit more interesting.
Demi Moore looked stunning in her beige gown with criss cross straps.

Sandra Bullock sure looked gorgeous, in her peachy cream gown that had just the right combination of femininity and sophistication! We think she takes the award for the best dressed!
Ladies who deserve mention for their stunning appearances:
Jennifer Lopez
Penelope Cruz
Eva Mendes
Drew Barrymore
Since everyone has their opinions of the evening we thought we should just give ours.
Barbara and Ellen
The Gals at SoHo Accessories

SoHo Accessories

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Kimberly Monaco said...

i didn't really like Sandra bullock's dress... somehow the bottom doesn't work with the top part?...
but Demi Moore looks AMAZING! and i just loved her dress!

SoHo Accessories said...

Well Kimberly that is where "right combination of femininity and sophistication" comes in.
But I do see your point.

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