Healthy Eating for 2009

Was your New Year’s resolution some variation of eating healthier, living healthier, or reducing your carbon footprint? Making an effort to eat more organic foods is one way to fulfill all three of those quests. Organic food doesn’t contain pesticides and industrial chemicals (like artificial coloring or flavors), and it hasn’t been genetically modified. Your body knows just what to do with natural, organic foods.

In case your grocer doesn’t do the best job identifying which fruits and vegetables are organic, look for stickers that have five digits beginning with the number 9 (for example, 90435). This indicates you are buying organic. Conventionally grown produce carries stickers with a four-digit number.

If you can’t buy organic, at least wash your fruits and vegetables to remove as much pesticides and chemicals as possible. Our favorite fruit wash is

Environne’s Fruit and Vegetable Wash safely removes pesticides, waxes, and chemicals. What’s more, we ordered a three-bottle pack ($18.99) and it took nearly 8 months to go through! We could immediately tell that it removed the wax from apples, which isn’t easy to do.

Anyhow, this is just one way we try to live and eat healthier. We’d love to hear any tips you have on how to do the same!

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flirty girl said...

I did finally get those reusable grocery bags that fold up really small for my purse. So I'm reducing my footprint!
I had to laugh at my friend that said she was reducing her carbon footprint this past Christmas by skipping the wrapping paper and just going with the reusable bow.
I just call that lazy!! :-p