Madoff Strikes Again – Dress for Success Latest Victim

Can this guy be any more of a sleaze bag? It’s a little hard to feel too sorry for rich people who lost a chunk of money by investing in Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme, but it’s the non-profit groups and foundations that lost their shirts that is producing a painful chain reaction. The latest outfit affected by Madoff is Dress for Success, a non-profit group that helps get disadvantaged women back on their feet and into the workforce.

We at SoHo Accessories have donated jewelry to Dress for Success in the past and really respect the organization.

Here’s what Joi Gordan, CEO of Dressed for Success, had to say:

“Dress for Success has suffered a deep loss. Dress for Success now has to regroup in the New Year and hope that Bernard Madoff’s actions don’t continue to impact our work and create more grief for women and families. Without the suit, how does a woman go on an interview, how does she get a job?”

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flirty girl said...

Why hasn't this guy been burned at the stake already?!! Or at least PUT in JAIL?? He's on house arrest, writing checks, and sending out gifts from the confines of his luxury NYC home. Unbelievable.