Statement Necklace

Big, bold statement necklaces were a jewelry trend in fall/winter 2008. Well, statement jewelry has grown to a new level of importance in 2009. I’m not so sure about these pieces. The designers are showing them, but are the fashionistas buying them?
We posted this question last month. Did you or will you buy a statement necklace?

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Liz Blair said...

Probably not. I have not seen many I like that well. The less expensive versions are often too cheap looking.

Magriet said...

It is not really my style. However, some people just have a knack for pulling it off. But not for me and not something I would make either. I like simpler, more classic and timeless designs.

EZ Duzit said...

Honestly, I'm tired of all this hoopla over statement pieces. How about wearing something personal and understated that at least doesn't shove it in everyone unemployed person's face that you've still got a job and lots of money! This economy is shameful, and it's shameful for celebs and socialites to go out showing off big bling. IMHO

SoHo Accessories said...

Liz: Not when you buy at SoHo Accessories.
Magriet: A statement necklace should be just that....making a statement of your own style. Great that you are talented to design your own.
EZ Duzit: We agree, show off your own personality with your own style.