Well, we learn something new everyday. Since spring is approaching, Turquoise is showing up in a big way again. We’ve seen it on Bohemian tops in fun swirls of color and on bathing suits as well. In jewelry we are seeing it in natural, chunky shapes.
Recently, we’ve seen Turquenite popping up in accessories for the body as well as the home. What is Turquenite? Apparently it became popular in the 1970’s and is actually an artificially colored Howlite or Magnesite that mimics Turquoise. Since the dye doesn’t penetrate deep into the stone, it remains in a natural, chunky state.
Because it is cheaper than genuine Turquoise, Turquenite makes a nice lower-priced alternative for use in jewelry and accessories. So odds are if you run across a nice Turquoise necklace this season that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you’re probably looking at Turquenite.
Just beware if you are reading a description and “turquoise” is in lower-case, it refers to the color, and not the genuine stone.

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