Air Brushing, Not Just for Celebs

Get Red Carpet Glam on a Budget!
A few years ago I had my make-up professionally done and it was the first time I was air brushed. What a contraption! It was a long tube that went into a bowl of water and at the other end was a “gun” that the artist filled with liquid foundation and proceeded to spray me like a common house painter! But voila! The result was incredible. I have freckles, but not a freckle was to be found after the air brush. And not a wrinkle for that matter. I looked suddenly 10 years younger.

It wasn’t until a year later that I started reading about companies that had invented a way to air brush at home. There are lots of brands to choose from, one of the most expensive (and the one I use) is Christian Dior’s AirFlash Spray Foundation. At $60 for a small bottle it also doesn’t last long. But I only use it on special occasions, so mine lasts for months and months. Still, if you use it daily it will only last you about one month.

But there are lots of other ones on the market as well, and they seem to get equally good reviews. There’s Era Face Spray, which isn’t much cheaper than Dior, but comes in a larger bottle. It even helps you match the color of your existing foundation.
Here are a few others:
Luminess Air

There’s also a nifty Ezine article on how to use air brush kits:
How-to-Use Airbrush

Anyhow, if you airbrush we’d love to hear from you!

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