Fur in Fashion

Right after his Inaugural Ball coup, Jason Wu reiterated that he was planning on "doing a significant fur collection" for Fall 2009. He had dabbled in furs before, but a new licensing agreement with Saga Furs allowed him to plan an entire collection: 15 pieces — mainly minks — "that are not just about fur coats, but also fur pieces that blend in with the collection."
Wu has decided to postpone the fur collection until further notice. The decision seems prudent, especially since he already had the attention of The Humane Society's fur-free campaign; his Fall 2009 show will definitely be watched.

Donna Karan, the target of PETA’s campaigns, has announced that her fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has "no plans" to use fur in the future! But, PETA will have their eye on her 2010 show.

PETA decided to shine the spotlight on someone who hadn't got the message: Giorgio Armani. After he said he had been convinced to stop using fur but then reneged on his promise, we've started running Pinocchio Armani campaign tours to point out his lies. Check it out: PETA is calling all on all celebrities to boycott his fashions at the Academy Awards.

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Sally@MyriadLife said...

It's crazy that any fashion designer still feels the need to use fur. Love the pics of Armani!

SoHo Accessories said...

The pictures were compliments of PETA.... which is an organization that is ardently active about animal protection.