Sula Polish

Sula Nail Polish ($10) is a vegan, scentless, water-based line of nail polish that peels off in strips when you’re ready to remove it. The polish dries quickly to a high gloss finish and is virtually chip proof. No more headache inducing polish removers, no more brittle nails. There are currently only four colors in this line, but they are as perfect and vibrant as can be!
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PlantingaSeedNow said...

I'll have to try sula and see what happens. I have yet to find a "chip free" nail polish for natural nails. I've tried several, I think MAC's line lasted the longest. Thanks for posting...I'll get some and let you know how it fairs.

Happy Sunday to ya!

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SoHo Accessories said...

Please let us know. It worked well for us. I don't know how much damage over time will be done to the nails with the peeling of the polish though.

Dick said...