Valentine Day Gifts- Drop A Hint

Dropping hints is a time-tested approach to not speaking your mind or doing anything at all practical to get others to understand what you want and/or how you feel, because after-all, it’s all about you, isn’t it?
1.Send him funny emails
2.Make a list. Leave the list in a convenient spot so he can will see it.
3.Mention the items when you see a commercial on TV advertising it.
4. Shop together at the mall and steer him towards what you want.
5. Tell your friends. They are bound to be asked.
6.Circle items in mail-order catalogues and magazines and leave them where they are sure to see them.
7.After he showers and the bathroom mirror is steamed up, finger-write things on the mirror that you want.
8.The best hint is no hint at all. Tell them what you want. Be up front. Understand that hints can work, but, for sure success, tell him what you want.
Note*: Guys admit they need and want help, so don’t beat around the bush!!

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avagdro said...

Awesome collections indeed.Thank you Soho besides have a great joyful valentine's day.

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SoHo Accessories said...

Hi Avagdro, Thanks for the comment. Hope your days are sweet !