Plus-Size Styles Coming to Target

A new line from LA-based Pure Energy. We’re not sure why it’s taken so long for designers and retailers to appeal to the majority of female shoppers out there - most of us aren’t pencil thin - but Target’s new line is a sign of things to come for sure. This April, bigger women can look forward to Pure Energy tops, bottoms, dresses, and denim, designed just for them, at Target stores (and online). These items will be cheap, too, ranging from $16.99 to $29.99.
What They Say:
“The Pure Energy collection features brightly colored, dip-dye and burnout tank tops, flowing floral skirts and maxi-style dresses, sophisticated nightlife pieces and a variety of in-style denim including skirts, capris and jeans.”
What We Say: We think this step makes a lot of sense for Target; plus-size women care just as much about style as petite women and this fact has been neglected by the retail industry for years. However, we’re not 100% sold on the new line, which includes tops with very thin, nearly see-through material, and white white shorts. We don’t guess that will be very flattering, but once the line launches later this spring and we can try it on in the dressing room, we’ll have a better idea.
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marcy said...

I tried one of the dresses on at Target a few days ago. The style was cute but the fabric was paper thin and embarassingly cheap. I'd prefer to pay more than $25 for something I won't be afraid to wash.